Black Ken – I Don’t “Wanna” Die Yet

Nobody wants to die yet, we all wanna live, and that’s a feeling we all experience especially in our youth. And what better way to express your desire to live than through music?

If you haven’t heard of Black Ken, don’t worry, no one’s going to judge you, yet. Even the rapper himself wouldn’t be too hyped if you didn’t know his face and name, but that’s all about to change this year.

Recently Black Ken, an emerging rapper from Dallas has dropped off 4 new tracks to his SoundCloud as he gears up for a EP debut this April. The one stand out track from the compilation would most likely be NGR for its exaggerated sample of a racist country song called Nigger Lover by David Allen Coe. Out of the various genres the track offers, Wanna is a hit that’s waiting for the gaslight to spark this fire track.

I don’t wanna die yet, I been getting high with my guys feeling fine yea.

Similar to Lil Uzi Verts Xo Tour Lif3, one of 2017s biggest hits, Black Ken confesses to the audience his desire to live even through the struggles a modern life brings, especially in the day and age of an artist.

Got her off a line and some wine and she’s fine yea, I don’t wanna die yet

One of the more memorable lines, brings the power struggle of life into the perspective of a young woman who also desires to live but copes with life’s struggles through drug use.

The beat details an ongoing melody of lyrical enhancement and a tempo that keeps you listening for whatevers next.

The track was produced by local producer whonickt who has also had a stream of hot beats while producing for local Dallas talent such as Keeiona Burnett, Texaco, and Punch Fox.

Listen to “Wanna” and the full Black Ken demo below.


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