Dallas Lofi Producers Vol. 1

What is Lofi Hiphop? The best way to describe the genre would be : Chill. A composition of soft ( Jazz, Orchestra, blues or Gospel ) samples that can be incorporated into the breakbeat form of hiphop. Normalization of the genre produced the Infamous Neo Soul sound.

From Erykah Badu to Jill Scott the Lofi sound has sprung into mainstream culture. Now acts like Daniel Caesar can reap the benefits from the overall work put in by these producers. To focus on the Dallas scene of production artists you would need to dive in the underground.

This weeks Lofi Owl Producer is the complex, yet mellow Sirwinn Vega$. Named after Cerwin Vegas, he has an array of beat tapes and instrumentals in all genres. Trust you will hear a lot more about him. Until then hear his thoughts on being a production artist.

As always find & follow the Lofi Owl : @OwlToonSee


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Twitter: @SirwinnVegas

Instagram: @Sirwinn_Vegas

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Dallas native. I'm an 808z and crates kinda guy. Divine when I need to be. 10+ years Producing/Composing. Former Docent for Dallas museum of Art. Now Curator of the LoFi-Hip Hop phenomenon for Hip Hop Locals. Altoonaverse Productions 2018



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