David Morgan

If you’re no stranger to the Dallas underground hip hop scene then I’m sure you’ve heard/seen the name David Morgan before. David’s an aspiring rapper, poet, artist, and author that cant be boxed in with what you think is the norm for those titles. He’s very versatile and much more than that.

Perhaps, you may have been lucky enough to catch one of his performances this year. If not, I’ll tell you be prepared to sweat out your hair and get a good workout when you do. The high energy he brings while on stage is something better experienced in person. His sets can be enjoyed byanybody who simply loves music. Honestly, my words dont do it much justice.

In his latest musical offering, he gives a 3 track ep, TooWeakNotice. As the first track starts you get a vibe that makes you want to forget you even have responsibilities to begin with. He keeps that energy going throughout the project by grabbing your attention with playful skits to transition the tracks. The EP is upbeat but you also get a taste of what he has to offer lyrically. You can check it out for yourself on soundcloud in the link below.

If David isn’t in your playlists you should definitely change that, ASAP. His sound can range from what you hear on TooWeakNotice to something more soulful and poetic like on his recent single Soul Sister (feat. BadFelon). Which can be found on any streaming platform you prefer to use, just press play and enjoy homegrown talent.

The man’s everywhere and doesn’t seem to be taking a break anytime soon. As he’d say “I do things and make stuff”. So, head on over to his website to purchase one of his 3 poetry books, get you some merch to wear that coincides his releases, or just to see what he’s up to next.


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