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In the current state of hip-hop, we are starting to see more and more producers brand themselves more as artists, rather than just beat makers. That is the case with SADER, a producer, artist and engineer. Born in Carrollton, Texas, he moved around a lot as a child growing up. Although he described it as frustrating at times, he wouldn’t let it get to him.

His musical journey began back in middle school, when he first discovered Deadmau5 through a friend of his. He was amazed by this idea of a DJ wearing a big mouse head and playing his music to crowds. So he then grabbed his mother’s laptop and downloaded a DJ software and started creating his own music. He also recalls his mom being influential with music as she would play EDM around him, citing Deadmau5, Tiesto and Hardwell as the DJ’s he would listen to.

After taking a hiatus from music during a part of high school, he want back again into production after free-styling randomly one night with a group of friends. He gained a small buzz through out his school and started to get his name out there. After gettin kicked off his schools soccer team, he decided to fully stay committed to music. It was what he knew best.

Fast forward to mid March 2017, SADER met with Dallas Artist EMOtional Xan for the first time. After mixing songs like “Never Forget” and “Hi Tech”, the two would continue to collaborate to this day.

Aside from producing he has also explored into being more of an artist. Just this past December he released his first EP titled “724”, describing it as a very personal and emotional project. The EP was met with great reviews and feedback from his close friends and fans. He is responsible for the mixing and production of many other projects such as “Sickboy” by EMOtional Xan and “Tales from the Pyrex”, a collaborative EP between the Pyrex Pirates and Xan.

As far as musical influences, he cites Deadmau5, Childish Gambino and Kanye West as his idols. Growing up and listening to Gambino opened up his ear for a different side of hip-hop. Just like Kanye, he also aspires to create more than just music in his life.

SADER’s most recent release in his remixed version of Tay-K’s “The Race”. Listen to “#FREETAYKMIX” down below.

Twitter: @bluehatbastard

Instagram: @bluehatbastard_


Written by Roland Rivera

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