Mon Malakhi Goes Global

Independent Dallas Rapper, Mon Malakhi, Goes Global with Innovative Social Media Strategy

In the turbulent, and often ostracized, realm that is the Dallas hip-hop scene, artists seem to emerge and evanesce almost in the blink of an eye. Since the short-lived ascension of Dorrough and his infectious hit, “Ice Cream Paint Job”, very few Dallas artists have escaped the inauspicious crab-barrel culture of the city. However, Mon Malakhi, an independent Dallas-based artist, seems to have a blueprint to avoid being trapped in the clutches of the city.

How The #11GlobalChallenge Reached Around the World

As a way to promote his latest single titled, “11%”, Mon Malakhi started a social media campaign called the #11GlobalChallenge, where he encouraged his followers and fans to post location-tagged videos of them listening to the track. The results have been astounding, to say the least. Videos have been sent from various locations, ranging from Quebec, Canada, to Cancun, Mexico, to Montjuic, Spain, as well as various U.S. cities.

A Record for Pleasure and Purpose

The record’s lyrics touch on the indecisiveness that often accompanies ruined relationships, a subject that many can relate to. Certain lines in the song (“You tell me you’re thinking about changing your major again”) embody the essence of the ‘millennial’ generation, giving the content an air of resonance among his listeners. In the song’s hook, Mon Malakhi cleverly interpolates the chorus of Ludacris’ 2003 smash hit, Stand Up. The catchy, instructive words, “When I move, you move”, that Ludacris used almost 15 years ago still have the same mesmerizing effect when heard in the record. Furthermore, the bouncy and ethereal nature of the instrumentation makes for a record that is almost irresistible upon first listen.

Judging from the amount of support for the record, seen via the #11GlobalChallenge, it is evident that Mon Malakhi possesses the style and marketing savvy to eventually push him outside the boundaries of Dallas hip hop and into the national music scene as an independent artist, if he has the proper work ethic and the right people surrounding him. His upcoming project, iMaginary x Friends, will not be releasing until late Spring of this year but his latest single, 11%, currently can be found on all streaming platforms. More info on Mon Malakhi (@monmalakhi) can be found via social media.

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