Hip Hop Locals on 10!

If you don’t know me already, at least know that I’m here for the ARTS.  I haven’t been all over the world, but I’ve visited almost half of every state in this country, and I’ve been exposed to some of the most talented artists in the underground scene this year alone. Usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear diversity is “difference”, but when it comes to the Dallas music scene, diversity means family.

Lately, I’ve been hearing how our city has been trying to ‘X’ the hip hop scene, but #HipHopLocals ain’t having that. We are here to promote!

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, Dallas Open Mic is held at RBC Deep Ellum, providing a stage for independent artists like musicians, comedians and more to showcase their talent(s). Don’t fret if you can’t make it because we fade The Green Elephant on each 2nd and 4th Tuesday for our next.WAV events. At Rihoo Records’ Hip Hop Locals, we support and we politic; creating long-lasting relationships with one another and showing the world what the South really be ‘bout!

Of all the places I’ve resided in, one thing I can say is I am elated by the amount of SUPPORT, love and recognition I’ve seen these artists provide one another at our events. Dallas isn’t the place for hate and you can tell by the numbers we receive when we really come together to make a statement. [food for thought] – So let’s take this statement from social media to the billboards and flourish! It’s our city’s turn!

Now allow me to really break the ice. How y’all doing?

My name is KAT.

With a “K”, not a “C”.

I wear many hats, but when I’m here – I wear this shirt:

Let’s Be Twinkies! 🙂

Come thru sometime and show us what you have! Meet new people, create new friendships and enhance your blossoming career by expanding your sea of network!

Meanwhile, check out #ThePlugGold’s [July2018] “Most Wanted” here, some of these FYE artists have blessed at least one of our stages.

Now imagine how hype it is to see them go live!

Follow HipHopLocals DallasOpenMic and ThePlugGold for updates on upcoming events!

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