Pierce Washington – Bonita

In the current world of underground hip-hop, the market is becoming over saturated with many artists replicating sonics. Distorted 808’s and lyrics without a proper chorus is what has became the norm. That is not the case with rising Dallas artist Pierce Washington.

In his debut album “Bonita”, Pierce takes on boom bap style beats with powerful and truthful bars. His flows are similar to that of MC’s such as Chance The Rapper and J Cole – the comparison is not an exaggeration.

Pierce’s last body of work was released last summer, and this new project is a fulfilling amount of music to follow up with. Every track in uniquely structured and Pierce’s flows resonate very well with his beat selection. A standout track that has summer vibes all over it is “Ponchavelli”, a personal favorite. Although it’s temporarily off of SoundCloud, the track managed to rack up thousands of plays in a matter of days. Just goes to show the influence of Pierce’s music.

From start to end, “Bonita” is a refreshing and insightful body of work and is sure make a few heads turn. If you aren’t familiar now take some time and listen down below.


Written by Roland Rivera

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