Tune’s World (ReCap)

Dallas has always had an art scene, but never a solid foundation to broadcast to the nation.

Tune (@yungtunebby on Twitter)
(Tune World Host…Tune @yungtunebby)

If there is any hope left in Dallas, last nights “Tune World” (hosted by @yungtunebby on Twitter) event showed that there are pillars to the Dallas Art Scene’s foundation.

From the merchandise vendors (Ranch, Ryanwhite, Collective Co. & AJ) to the live performances from Duche$$, Black Ken and FLAMINGO, the event was quite entertaining with the accommodation of Killer’s Tacos and the art scene looks forward to more open events like this.

Calling it an Art show would kill the immense vibes that were around as everyone was supportive of each other and interacted with guest. This was a networking must for any young Dallas innovator/creative looking to mingle with the next up and coming influencers.

FLAMINGO LIVE! (blurry action)

The highlight of the night no doubt was FLAMINGO with their surging performance ultimately getting fans to sing along to their most popular song.Gas Money. Black Ken also rocked the stage with recent hits “Like This”, “Snow White”, and even premiered a “DUMB” Remix.

Black Ken performing "DUMB"
(Black Ken)

Last but not least, Duche$$ also joined Black Ken onstage and even started the night off right wih performances of her own like “Behave” ft.Kugi and the Texas collab “Texas Drip”.

DUCHE$$ & Tune (Host)

Overall the night was a great performance for the Dallas music scene and allowed other art mediums to shine as well. Hopefully more events like this pop up around the city and bring the DFW area together creatively.

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